Counseling Department

The Counseling Department is an integral part of the educational program at Central High School. The department recognizes that students are ultimately responsible for their own lives and encourages and supports students to positively exercise responsibility in their academic, personal, and social progress through their high school years and beyond.

A major goal of the Counseling Department is to provide individual, group, and whole-school assistance to students in the areas of academics, personal, social, career, and civic responsibility development. There's an emphasis on the development of a four-year educational plan for high school and an exploration of possible career goals. As a department, we strive to support our students throughout their time with us by working closely with them and the essential people in their lives.

Confidentiality Agreement

What is said in our office stays in our office unless you give me permission to share it.
There are the three exceptions to the rule: 

  1. If I think you are going to hurt yourself.
  2. If I think you are going to hurt someone else.
  3. If I think you are being abused.
I will share the information in order to support your safety. I will inform you at that time.

As a department, we abide by the rules and ethics of American School Counseling Association (ASCA) and the Oregon School Counseling Association (OSCA). Additionally, we follow the Danielson's Framework for teaching and evaluations.